Guide for Authors


  1. Article title is the author’s choice and submitted in WORD as well in PDF
  2. Article should be in 12 points, bold, justify, line space 1.5 VERDONA
  3. Title should be in 16 points and sub action in 14 points
  4. Photograph, figure, and table caption should be in 10 points in italic and line space 1.0 and should be placed where it is supposed to be in the article.
  5. Footnotes should be in 10 points, line space 1.0, justify. END NOTE is not permitted.
  6. Reference should be at the last page of the article in separate page and it should be in italic, bold, justify 12points and gap between two reference should be 1.5
  7. Photo and biodata of each contributor of article should be in separate sheet at the beginning of the article.
  8. We do not entertain published articles.
  9. Format of article
    • Photo and biodata of author(S) in each page                              
    • Title                         
    • Author(S) name.                              
    • Abstract                             
    • Keyword                             
    • Introduction                             
    • Body of the article                             
    • Conclusion                             
    • Reference ( start with new page) at the last of the article


  1. Guest editor should submit five of more article of different authors invited of his/her choice( ISSN minimum requirement is five or more articles).
  2. He/she should submit publishing material ( five or more articles and Guest Editorial) in WORD as well in PDF before the last date.
  3. Guest editor is free to choose the theme of the special issue and invite contributors accordingly.
  4. If you wish to design a cover you are welcome( we prefer Guest Editor should design the cover that reflects his/her true spirit of special issue).
  5. Once accepted the invitation then commitment for a time line is must (given to you by us).