About Us

Design for All Institute Of India is a self financed, non-profit voluntary organization which seeks corporate and public partnership in order to carry forward its very ambitious agenda of pro-actively building bridges of social inclusion between the design community and all other groups whose activities can be positively influenced by a coherent application of design methodology.

Design for All means creating products, services and systems to cater to the widest possible range of users’ requirements. We initiated the concept and have received enormous encouragement from domestic as well as International communities.

We are located in Delhi – India, a part of Asia and during initial years we will promote the concept of Design for All at all levels in India. Design For All Institute Of India is registered with Government of India in NCT of Delhi under the Registrar of Societies (Ministry of Industry) under the Registration of Societies Act 1860 as applicable for Union Territory of Delhi, India.


To design such products and services as can be used with equal ease and comfort by the young, old, able bodied and disabled and which will have good value, reasonable -cost, be environment friendly … to offer consistent and reliable products and services which our society can produce in a scientific way.

Firstly, our emphasis will be on promoting and in establishing the concepts of Design For All in Asia. It will motivate policy makers by its activities for adopting the wider concepts of users in help in increasing profitability as well as growth.

Secondly, our efforts will be focused on creating required man power for meeting future demand through Education, Training, Workshops and Seminars. It will help in changing the traditional mindset to Design For All.

Thirdly, our efforts will aim at popularizing and positioning these products and services in the market them and making them commercially viable, and profitable .Fourthly, for the future our efforts would be directed at in establishing a state- of – art institute in India for Research and Development, Consultancy with the cooperation of other agencies worldwide which are striving to achieve the aims and objects of our society for Design For All. Above all making these products accessible to all so that in due course of time they should accepted as norms and standards by those who are engage in Design for All.


Our institute should be a pioneer in the field of Design For All producing world class state of the art products, services, and systems .Special attention will be on developing manpower (collegial team) through our institute and to achieve this our institute will collaborate with eminent and distinguished personalities / institutions .

To improve the Quality Of Life through creative people from diverse walks of life (Diversity as an asset) , providing best infrastructure for Research (Catalyst for Change), form, select a team of Passionate, dedicated persons (Perform with Passion ), devoted (A will and a way) to the community, and manage, and provide sound financial resources (Efficiency, cost-effective). These are the ingredient of success to attain the top position in of the world and work as a charm for those who will associate with us on long term basis (Everybody Wins). And finally leading with Trust is the Mantra to win the heart of everyone.


We will be pioneer in Design For All to whom Manufacturers, Designers ,Users and allied area(s) ,and above all the different government will trust and seek our suggestions on this topic for introducing any policy related with Design For All.

We will always advocate strongly the concepts of Design For All and provide a strong platform to those who are advocating and striving to in all from different walk of life and making our efforts commercially viable and popular.

We will establish the alliances with those who are promoting this concepts on technical, financial and share their views and criticism of individual/institution for creating a strong force for establishing Design For All.

We will establish high values and standards with the consultation of policy makers or who can influence at manufacturing,marketers, and users for high ethical values.

We will work on true democratic, but on scientific manners. We will focus on future and prepare a conducive environment for its achievement.

We will create a milestone for others and encourage them to improve as well as quality conscious and respect fellow human being( environment). To achieve this noble cause should not adopt a wrong means.

When we succeed in popularizing the concept we will establish a state of art design institute in India and later overseas too.

Currently, we are functioning temporarily from 13, Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodhi Road. New Delhi-110 003 (India). As and when we receive sufficient funding we will shift to our own premises where we can establish all the facilities required for achieving the aims and objects of the Society. We plan to establish a world class state -of -art Design Institute in India in due course. Currently we have over 300 members who have given their consent in writing to collaborate, provide in technical know how and even for using their good office for mobilizing funds. We have secured the support of individuals and institutions at both national and international levels for establishing this institute.